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Horses, Nursing, Parenthood and everything else in between.....

So here goes...... 

I have often given some thought to blogging and even started one once a few years ago (I have no idea of how to log into it now otherwise I would have restarted that one, but I will share some old blog posts from it). I only posted about 6 times and then life took over so here I am ready to start again. I enjoy reading and writing about subjects I find interesting and thought a blog may be the way to share my writing. Even if its only me, my mum and my daughter that read it I am hoping I will enjoy researching topics that interest me and most of all writing about the things I love and am passionate about.

Then comes my next problem, it seems most blogs focus in one area. My interests are horses, nursing and parenthood, being unable to choose where to start I will write and share things about all of these. Maybe over time the time this blog will focus more on one than the other, although I like the idea of having a bit of everything that makes me me on here! Equally people who find this blog may find some posts interesting but then the next one may mean nothing to them. But here goes, I am going to try it anyway and see what happens.......  and welcome peoples comments and ideas on this. 


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Merrill Ogrady
22 days ago

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